Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome to EFCA Blog

Welcome to EFCA Blog, a blog devoted to the latest news, discussion, and commentary related to the Employee Free Choice Act. I'm DP, founder and still (infrequent) contributor to The Pseudo Body Politic, a blog that focuses on political events more generally.

This space is not designed primarily to advocate for or against EFCA, though I heartily encourage advocates and opponents to become part of the EFCA Blog community. I do have my own view on the merits of the legislation, which I'm sure will reveal itself over time. However, I don't want my opinions to overshadow the discussion that takes place on this blog. It is my goal to make this blog equally useful to advocates on either side, as well as to those seeking more information on EFCA as they formulate their own opinions.

To be clear: this blog is in no way sponsored or endorsed by union or business interests of any kind, nor do I have income that derives from either of those sources.

More than anything, I'd like this space to become a community that facilitates a high level analysis of the Employee Free Choice Act as it winds its way through Congressional and public scrutiny towards eventual passage or defeat. I invite you to become part of that community by taking a seat on the completely empty bandwagon here at EFCA Blog. I thank everyone that takes the time to read, comment, or pass along information.

Let the games begin...

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