Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sestak Runs for PA Senate

TPM's Brian Beutler reported yesterday what had been suspected for quite a while: that Joe Sestak will be running for a Pennsylvania Senate seat in 2010.

In light of this fact it's worth reiterating how inexplicable SEIU President Andy Stern's declaration of support for Arlen Specter was (I wrote at length on Specter's switch at my other blog here) .

There are now two candidates running for Senate in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. One of them is a former Republican who reiterated his opposition to the most important item on your agenda in the same statement in which he signaled his intention to join the Democratic Party. The other is a Democratic Congressman who supports every provision on your most important agenda item, and with the right support has at least an outside shot of winning the Senate seat.

Needless to say, labor can't decide who to back.

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