Monday, May 18, 2009

Today's EFCA News

Newt Gingrich threatens to sue EFCA Twitterers over misuse of his name. God help me, I think his camp makes a point. Somebody that's more Twitter knowledgable than I want to chime in?

Rush's EFCA commentary approaches the sublime.

The LA Times foresees doom and gloom.


  1. This whole twitter thing lols me. The fact that it's being taken seriously is so ridiculous.

    I find it hard to believe there is any legitimate lawsuit here. From your link,
    "The attorneys alleged that the posting, of which the authorship is unknown, violates the pair’s trademark and publicity rights, and invokes tresspassing and wire fraud laws, and maybe even so-called “RICO” laws, which are traditionally used to target organized crime groups"

    Seriously? RICO laws? It's Twitter for fuck's sake. I find it very hard to believe anyone can "tweet" their way into prison. Based on Twitter's TOS (, I'd say Twitter itself cannot be held responsible. I don't really know who they plan to charge with these accusations. The EFCANOW username that posted this thing is owned anonymously, so I'm not sure there is anyone to lay any blame on.

  2. TPM would seem to agree with you.


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