Monday, June 8, 2009

Look Ma We're Famous

To keep my legion of loyal readers apprised of our growing fame, I wanted to mention that "Turn Maine Blue", the place to be for Maine Progressives, gave EFCA Blog a shout out last week, and now features us on their Blog Roll.

EFCA Blog: Taking over the nation one small Northeastern state at a time.

Also...god help us all, EFCA Blog also has a Facebook presence. Feel free to join in the fun.


  1. Support of EFCA is, to put it mildly, a rediculous and imature stance that demonstrates a very poor understanding of what publicly traded companies deal with on a day to day basis. A publicly traded company is owned by shareholders who only are shareholders because they expect a return on their investment greater than what they can get elsewhere. Companies under this pressure WILL make there money one way or another. Unions demanding more in pay and benefits will result (eventually) in lower pay and worse benefits. Companies simply can not affored it....period. You can wine about outrageous executive pay (with some merit) but that isn't the root cause of companies demise. Many companies (ie. Chrysler, GM) have witnessed loss of jobs to overseas and poor profitability due to the UAW's greed and lack of understanding about what it takes to be a successful public company in a capitalist society. It will be interesting to see how the decisions are going to be made now with 50% Govt ownership and 20% Union ownership. Sort of like asking a bunch of 5th graders if they think we should have a snow day....duh! Wake up liberal's. You think you're so smart...go take econ 101.

  2. I would take Econ 101, but I lost my trustfund on Wallstreet.
    Seriously?! Our greatest gift as humans, and what seperates us from animals, is empathy. I feel pain when I hear people have to make the choice between buying food and paying their rent. Bleeding heart? Maybe. But I feel that people have more in common with each other than differences. We just need to spend more time finding those common threads. We all want similar things in life, but the paths we choose are different. Try seeing things from a different perspective. You'll be a better person for it.


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