Monday, June 1, 2009

If I'm Not Back In Ten Comments Call For Help

If there are any readers (especially labor organizers) that would like to take a stab at reader Jim's comments from this post, feel free to jump in and give it a try. Despite running a blog on the issue, he's presented me with a level of wonkishness that's left me feeling downright unknowledgable.

I should also take this opportunity to note that, starting this weekend, I'll be instituting a feature borrowed from my other blog, "Week in Review". Every Sunday I'll give a rundown of the week's happenings on the blog as well as handing out the coveted reader awards. Despite a decent emerging readership here at EFCA Blog, there haven't been many commenters. Suffice to say Jim's comment puts him out to a huge lead (bonus points are awarded for various things, including wonkishness). I encourage other EFCA Blog readers to give Jim a run for his money in the comments section of that, or any other, post.

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